I run a B2B service business. Should I list packages available (straightforward explanation of what's included) with price or just packages and then a CTA via enquiry form? The most expensive package is 6k USD.

Really depends on your business model. Without knowing your particular business and the industry in, it is difficult to come up with a definite answer. However, if you are offering multiple packages, one way to display this is by creating a chart on your website that compares the options head to head. From there, the options (don't include more than 3) can have the prices listed. If there are options that are more expensive, I would create a 4th column that says (please call for custom pricing). That will allow the customer to reach out over large or specialized orders.

Now in the case that you are selling a software that is priced nearly the same as the competitors and they include the pricing, I would include as well. I am in the mindset that being transparent about pricing is the best approach.

Answered 10 months ago

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