I run a B2B service business. Should I list packages available (straightforward explanation of what's included) with price or just packages and then a CTA via enquiry form? The most expensive package is 6k USD.

This question is really hard to answer without knowing about what kind of exact B2B business we are talking about.

However it is very easy to split test the whole process. You can use a free solution like Google Optimize or paid tools like:

Just make sure to attribute any leads correctly to the test like have a hidden form field with "no-price" and "showing-price" that will be pushed to your CRM, so you can find out the total conversion. Also make sure you get to statistically significant numbers. Most people stop way too early and believe they have found a winner.

Just a word of caution based on my experience with one of my clients. When he added packages with prices, it made things more difficult along the way. My client thought he standardized his service with packages but it turned out he still needed to negotiate various details.

That is because it is very hard to think of every aspect of a complex service and put it in a pricing table on your website. So potential customers asked for extra services, my client did not plan to include in a package. But after the fact it was hard to justify an additional fee because the price was already set in the mind of the potential customer.

I hope that helps and if I can help you with split testing or anything else give me a call.

Best of luck.

Gerd Tittel-Feller

Answered 2 years ago

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