Time is the singular measure of life. Knowing how to spend it well is the most important skill one can have.

Honestly assess your strengths and focus on those. Partner, outsource, leverage resources and hire in all other areas to bring your product or service to bear.

A mistake many entrepreneurs make is to try to do it all. We may brag we "wear many hats," but what we really do is "roll up our sleeves" as needed then too often get bogged down in areas where we have little or no experience. We tend to get in our own ways by trying to do it all.

We get farther and faster when we leverage the resources and people who can do what we are trying to do more efficiently and effectively than we ever could because it is what they are good at doing.

(Context: I've started and run over half a dozen companies and have seen the most success where I've hired in areas where I am weak and played to my strengths. I've also failed miserably when I tried to do it all or partnered with the wrong people who held on too tightly and inhibited growth).

Answered 6 years ago

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