ARPU is $40 LTV $2,055, Less than 100 companies that could generate $500 in MRR Almost 3 million potential users

One of the main things to note here is that, when the ARPU is low, any abrupt decision is not advisable. Low ARPU might be a sign that you are not adequately extracting value from certain buyer personas for the service that you are providing to them. Here a serious sales planning is required. Why is sales planning essential? If you look at the role of a typical salesperson it involves lots of different activities. These include managing their time, prospecting, booking appointments, selling to customers, making presentations and negotiations. All these activities need careful preparation if we are going to be successful and hit our targets. The problem most salespeople have, at least those who sell face to face, is that they spend such a large proportion of their time on their own. There is no direct supervision, and they do not have a manager nearby, looking over their shoulder to see if they are doing things right.
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