I have the opportunity to purchase a large quantity of a particular product directly from a manufacturer for buyers who are retailers. I have nowhere near the capital necessary for the purchase. Nor do I have assets I can borrow against. The retailer is willing to pay the factory directly. But, I want the purchase to happen via me/my company in the middle so I can control the mark-up. How do I accomplish this?

I would present to the retailer that it would be safer for him to do the transaction through your company as you will act as a trustee / escrow (and of course you really need to do it - meaning you pay a deposit, pay more when you getting confirmation that the products are on the ship/airplane and then the last amount once the products have arrived at the retailer).
There are a few other options which I'd be happy to advise you on.
Good luck
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Answered 3 years ago

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