I just launched a product that helps jobseekers do video mock interviews and get feedback from professional experts in their videos. We just launched a week ago and I have been using Linkedin to gain awareness but have not gotten any customers yet. Can someone help me.

Hi there,

I wanted to answer this a bit differently. I'm assuming you are looking for 100 job seekers?

First - 100 customers is a hefty target for a newly launched product. Is the infrastructure solid? Do you have experts lined up to review these videos?

Assuming that part is ironed out, I'll urge you remember that in the early days, the ONLY reason people try your product is because someone, somewhere believes in you and what you're trying to do.

It's VERY hard to get 100 strangers to believe in you.

It's a lot easier to find one or two connected people to buy in.

My main suggestion is to focus on small partnerships with the founders of other companies that help solve aspects of this problem. One good relationship with a recruitment agency can get you a consistent flow of new customers. Work out an arrangement with them where you give the review service to them for free for the first year, to trial a beta project. Once you have a big agency as a customer (even if it's non-paid), you can use the success metrics from that relationship to others and charge them.

Otherwise, and assuming you don't have the budget to do paid, a few other low/no-cost ideas:

1) Spend as much time as you can offering free/valuable advice to job seekers in communities and forums. Offer to review their mock video for free.
2) Look at new graduate communities / partnerships with colleges and universities. They need to show high graduate employment rates so they will be more likely to hear your pitch.
3) Put content out into the world that teaches people how to effectively win at the interview process.

I can get into more detail on a call - but here are some ideas to get you started.

Answered 5 months ago

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