I just launched a product that helps jobseekers do video mock interviews and get feedback from professional experts in their videos. We just launched a week ago and I have been using Linkedin to gain awareness but have not gotten any customers yet. Can someone help me.

There are several ways to generate 100 customers, but it is up to you which one you would choose. Since the product is related to jobseekers you can employ one or all the notable ways:
1. Treat them like royalty
Those first few customers should get all the attention in the world, complete with a personal thank you from the CEO and an early-bird gift certificate.

2. Start out paid, then go free
Everyone loves a good discount, and will jump on an opportunity to download a ‘premium’ app, even if they do not necessarily need it.

3. Form alliances
You can sign an exclusive sponsorship agreement or give them an opportunity to use your services for free.

4. Focus on your niche first
Relevant coverage from small-to-medium industry blogs usually does more for your business than any major publication will.

5. Get involved in the community
Find out where your community gathers and join the conversation every day. Answering questions on forums and sites like Quora is an excellent way to position yourself as a community leader.

6. Start blogging early

Content marketing is the new start-up buzzword, and for a good reason. Facebook has become a savvy marketer’s dream, due to just how specific your ad targeting can get.

7. Use social media unlike anyone else
Every business has a Facebook page and a Twitter account nowadays.

8. Get good at storytelling
Having an uncommon business narrative is what makes early adopters swoon.

9. Do not forget the call to action
Building a dedicated landing page to grow your email list is the first step to converting your site visitors into loyal customers.

10. Do not be afraid to A/B test
Even small design fixes or phrase variations can help significantly boost your conversion rate.

11. Monitor and adapt
Whatever you are doing to acquire new customers, make sure you consistently measure its success rate.

12. Embrace the low conversion rate
That way, even a painfully low conversion rate guarantees a new influx of business.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 5 months ago

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