It seems to be one of the fastest growing Internet companies in history.

The #1 reason Uber has grown is because they redefined the industry and created a new market category which labeled them the category king. A category king redefines the way we live, do business, and operate. Combined with solving a unique problem and conditioning the market to receive that problem, they have been able to grow and scale quickly.

Remember, Uber operated for about 2-3 years in California before they became main stream. They have no cars yet they are the largest car service. It gave people a job and the freedom to do it when they want and how long they want. On all fronts, they redefined the way we live our life and that's what makes them the Category King. No matter what Lyft does, they will never overtake Uber because they weren't first and they didn't redesign an industry to create their own category.

Answered 3 years ago

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