Hi, I'm wondering if someone could please offer me a hand of help because I'm literally at the bottom of my hopes. No matter what I say and how I say, the result is always being declined like "we aren't interested" or "we already have this" or "situation is not that bad" etc. I'm approaching worldwide public companies (enterprises) and my main focus are, due to the nature of the value, Chief Financial Officers and/or their first level assistants. Sometimes I provide my message to CFO directly but usually I provide it to assistant to pass it to CFO. I'm involved to the lending firm and I'm looking to get new borrowers so "our" underwriting team may either approve or decline their request but everyone is telling me they are not interested or they have good liquidity position. Sometimes I provide my message in a form of email content, sometimes in a form of self recorded video speech presentation where I upload the video of me speaking to Google Drive and send them the link with two clarification files in attachment. I can't just schedule the call with someone here on Clarity because payment in advance is required but I'm paid (never been yet because of no success yet) negligibly small amount of the deal only if they really request additional capital (no one has done it yet) and if our firm approves it. We are talking about the potential of very large amounts in the nonrecourse loan and I'm approaching giant public companies with extreme numbers in their revenue. Would anyone please be willing to discuss this with me further and to check my communication (pitches / approaches) to see what I'm doing so much wrong: 100% rejection rate? I'm looking for entrepreneurship C board of directors communication (value) expert... I don't sell anything! There is no marketing involved but it's about putting the massive value to their business and making sure they do NOT use their own capital for whatever purpose (goal).

Hi JL. Thank you for your reply. Business model is non-recourse loans industry. So the lending to worldwide public enterprises with publicly traded stocks. Preferably in large volume. I know it might sound weird and even non-sense that on one side I'm asking for no-upfront consulting fee and complaining about how would I pay to consultant and/or asking for at least some revision of my current approach material (pitches, messages, etc.) before doing any consulting payment. On other side I'm representing lending firm with no max limit, willing to lend as a non-recourse capital hundreds of millions or even exceeding a billion of euros (or whatever other currency) if performance of the stock justifies requested amount. Thoso two sides, being involved in such large transactions and not being able to pay upfront consulting fees (or at least asking for free revision of existing material first), don't really match. However, be aware that I only earn negligibly small commission if I succeed AND if our underwriting department approved the non-recourse loan request regardless if it funded in tranches or not and regardless of the purpose of capital usage. The problem I'm trying to solve is either lower than planned liquidity position by public company (worldwide) or desire to have more capital. However, so far I have been failing with my approaches due to the fact that, believe it or not, all of the companies seem to hate to have more capital. They don't want additional capital and don't want to save their existing (planned) source of financing to reach whatever goal they have. They always prefer to spend rather than save. Result of this is their lie that they don't need anything, even if I prove them wrong using charts, calculations, statistics, facts from presentation events for Investors (note: we are lender but not investor!), numbers in quarter or annual reports, etc. They still lie saying they don't need or they don't desire to have more capital. Even if I say that I have alternative solution in case if they are legally obligated to spend their own source of capital to reach some goal, e.g. acquisition. Our capital can be used for anything else but result is the same - they aren't interested. The main problem in my approach is that no one wants non-recourse capital. Feedbacks are always the same: "we are not interested" or "our financial / liquidity position is stable" or "we don't want someone else's money" or "we can't change our planned source of financing to reach X goal" etc.

I understand I will have to pay for consulting and I will do so. But, just want at least a little bit of care to be taken in advance, at least revision of my current material. I attempted to contact corporate law firms, management consulting firms, official advisors, PR agencies, appointment setting agencies. Majority of them (e..g law firms) said this is not something they can help with. Others (e.g. PR agencies) required upfront payment. My case has nothing to do with startup.

Answered 5 months ago

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