We getting inquiries from major corporations. I am trying to get the organization together. Right now we have an innovative concept, developed product, bunch of world class engineers, and interest from major clients. Because of the nature of the product the prospects are these major companies, even the smallest fish are multimillion dollar. I assume we would require a solid professional sales process. Contact, propose, followup, demo, contract, negotiate, legal agreement. Project entails figuring out the requirement, gap, customization, changes, agreement, set delivery milestones, deliver in phases, go live, service. To execute these at a professional level we would need all sorts of professional experts sales, legal, BA, PM. But we are a startup, we have world class engineers who have proven their tech competence. We have done nothing remotely close to this. And we don't have funding to recruit these experts. How do startups go about this? How do I figure out DEVELOP protocols/system to approach, sell, fill order, manage customer Appreciate the support very much

Have you thought about using Virtual Agents, Online experts via online platforms (you might be able to hire some from here as well)? Your concerns are valid and definitely you will need to create this muscle.

For our API offering, we do have a full service team from contract, engagement, integration, testing and post-go live support. But this was developed over time.

One thing I would say, as you have mentioned the team is solid, I would challenge you to think about how to automate a lot of these processes from the get go. I have seen multiple times companies creating manual / human processes and then automating them. Why don't start the other way.

More than happy to chat more:

Answered 7 months ago

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