Apart from what you want, when choosing a white label website builder, cost will be a crucial deciding factor. Find a reseller program that matches your cost expectations but do not settle for anything less in terms of quality. As a designer, you will probably have adopted a particular style for creating websites. Check out the site templates offered under Strikingly to see if our designs match your own. In this way it would be easier for you to use our templates and customize them to reflect your unique brand.
Customer support is also especially important. You must be provided with a good number of support options in case you or your client runs into an issue during website development and management. Strikingly offers 24/7 support for all accounts along with a highly informative knowledge base so you will always have answers when you need them.
Check out these following links which I believe will be of great help to you:

Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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