The first question I would ask is what is the purpose of the meeting? The first level result of the ice breaker is to of course support people to relax, become present and connect to each other in a new way. So the first response you got is a fine way to do this.

Another fun one that goes over well is two truths and a lie. Everyone thinks of two things they have done that no one knows about that ACTUALLY happened. The third can be a lie that match the two truths. The goal is to have everyone go around and tell their three things and others have to guess what is the lie. For each round (if you have 12 people there would be six rounds). Both parties in the pair tell their three things. If you guess the lie you get a point, if you baffle someone (they don't guess your lie) you get a point. You keep score and the person who has the most points wins a small prize. Its a lot of fun and gets lots of laughs.

Also, if you list the purpose of the meeting, I might have other suggestions. I also like to build a ice breaker that gets to the first purpose but also relates to the topic of the meeting.

Answered 8 years ago

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