I have been on clarity for 3 weeks. And I have 3 areas that I have a great deal experience with indoor plants and gardening. I am also great at public speaking and business networking as well. I would like to know how you became a success on clarity with being an expert in your area.

Here are some useful tips that how you became a success on the clarity as an expert:

1. Focus on your expertise: Since you have alreaday identified your areas, you need to focus on one or two domains. It's OK to share your views on other topics as well, but do not deviate from your goal.

2. Be a Grammar Nazi: Write proper answers without deliberately using SMS language. smthg lyk dis. Do not do this. Do not ever do this. You don't need to be an English Literature expert (I am not). Just write your answers in the best possible English with spell check on.

3. Write a lot: You won't be getting your masterpiece in just one or two answers. So it's best to write a lot of answers. I have seen people getting TW in just 100 answers, but you may not be that lucky. I got it when I had written around 700 answers.

4. Avoid short answers: Clarity is all about subjective answers. You should write as much as you can, but do not make it a giant wall of text. Separate it into bullet points or at least in separate sections with clear headings.

5. Develop a style: That's just an additional thing to do. Not everyone has it.

6. Don't answer using plagiarized content

7. Follow Top Writers to see their answers.

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Answered 2 months ago

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