I have been on clarity for 3 weeks. And I have 3 areas that I have a great deal experience with indoor plants and gardening. I am also great at public speaking and business networking as well. I would like to know how you became a success on clarity with being an expert in your area.

Hi there,

I can help you with this. In my first 3 weeks on Clarity, I received 1 phone call request and as of today, take calls as they are requested.

The first step to optimizing your Clarity account is focus. Gardening, Public Speaking, and Networking are three very different fields. Have you done your research on which of the three fields are in the highest demand? Can someone scan your profile and easily discern the value you can provide to them? Does your profile tell the individual why they should spend their hard-earned money on your services?

After determining which field is in the highest demand, you need to focus on creating/customizing your profile to fit that specific market. Take a look at successful clarity profiles and observe how they market their services. After doing so, you can start building out your profile in a similar manner.

Happy to jump on a call and explain in greater detail.


Answered 2 months ago

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