How a founder should think of his future startup in terms of investment or raising capital, from the time it starts until the time it will be acquired by another company. (including finding a co-founder and key employees and offer them shares or options in the company. Also, taking into consideration seed investment, and any kind of investment or raising money by investors...).

I strongly disagree with the first answer - of course you are building to sell! They key is how fast and what is the multiplication factor for investors...

But back to the question itself, I think the most important thing to remember about investors and fundraising is that you are not just getting money - you are selling your company piece by piece. So at each round you need to be sure that what you get is worth what you give away. Simple math might show that at the end it will not worth much for the founders.
The rest are details of strategy and specific business and need to be discussed directly. Happy to talk.

Answered 8 years ago

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