It's a Community IG focusing on news. If they don't get a 5,000 reach the first 24 hours, I will post again free. But they always get more. I also want to charge for my Highlights. What should I charge? How do I determine my advertising fees? My ratio of content to ads is at least 3:1 so I limit how many ads I post a day.

Well done on getting so many followers first of all - it’s not easy. Firstly we have to do research in our account that How many followers do I have? What is my engagement rate? How often do I post? How often do I interact with my audience? As you already mentioned your details that you have 40,000 followers and you charge $10 per post.
Secondly, It will also depend on the industry you’re active in. The more popular the industry, the more money you are likely to receive per post. Here I am going to share some ideas that how can you calculate the exact rate you want to charge for your advertisement and posts, as your posts demands are high.
1. Reflect on consideration on converting it into subscriptions, so four postings a month value f. Ex. 50$ (or greater relying on your newfound fee factor). Your version may be very transactional, and a subscription version could provide your greater stability income; your clients would pay for capacity, no longer only for each character put up.
2. Develop your model, so they pay for visitors: 10$ if you reach 5000 on day 1, and an extra 2$ for each extra 1000. They pay for greater gain, and lower gain will now not fee them. Good good fortune with it! And reach out and permit's talk, if you need to dive in addition to any of these ideas.
3. Recognize what your advertisers get from posing via you. Visitors? Leads? Fee hence; leads are worth much more. Also, recognize your fans: do segmentation, and provide an evaluation of the segments, that observe individual postings for an additional charge. You have a monopoly on one’s facts, and I’m certain, that the organizations pay you to understand, who your followers are and what they like.

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Answered 2 months ago

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