I find that most designers are insisting on using Wordpress and I have a number of concerns. My site needs to be re-designed ASAP. In fact I have 2 sites but I will start with one. I would love to find a creative designer with a Jamaican or tropical aesthetic who is able to create a luxury feel. I am also looking for a designer who will not insist that I hosted on their platform. I am based in Toronto.

There are web designers and web developers. Usually web designers focus on the front end of the website. For designers it is easier to create website in an existing content management site like Wordpress, Joomla rather than creating it from scratch. This saves a lot of time, and cost.

Typically web developers and programmers focus on the backend of the website.

If your website is primarily an informational website, it would be easier to go with a CMS. If you don't like Wordpress, there are many other great solutions out there.

If you really want a custom solution, you might want to search for a web development agency that has both front end designers and backend developers on staff.

Answered a year ago

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