I find that most designers are insisting on using Wordpress and I have a number of concerns. My site needs to be re-designed ASAP. In fact I have 2 sites but I will start with one. I would love to find a creative designer with a Jamaican or tropical aesthetic who is able to create a luxury feel. I am also looking for a designer who will not insist that I hosted on their platform. I am based in Toronto.

Many web developers still create a website with HTML, CSS, and Javascript for you, but it totally depends on how much customization you need. If you are working on a website with very few pages and your website doesn't need to get updated regularly, creating a website with HTML, CSS can be a good choice, but if your website needs regular updates like daily or weekly, you should choose a CMS like WordPress.

I'd say 80% of the time WordPress web sites are better for individuals and companies, but again it sincerely does come all the way down to your needs. Wordpress powers 27% of the websites on the internet. It’s extremely user friendly and convenient for just about anyone — even those that lack the technical experience. Google also loves Wordpress websites.

If I were to in my opinion choose among custom development in HTML/CSS/JS or the use of WordPress — I might really take WordPress (at the same time as a developer). The CMS is strong, right SEO structure is simple to set up, you have got a huge amount of numerous topics and plugins to choose from in order to simplify your existence, and in addition, decorate the power and usability of your internet site. Wordpress takes a whole lot of the work out of the equation and offers a smooth answer for just about every person. It’s a simple preference virtually — go along with WordPress and customize it to your desires.
It’s a simple preference virtually — go along with WordPress and customize it to your desires.

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Answered a year ago

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