I find that most designers are insisting on using Wordpress and I have a number of concerns. My site needs to be re-designed ASAP. In fact I have 2 sites but I will start with one. I would love to find a creative designer with a Jamaican or tropical aesthetic who is able to create a luxury feel. I am also looking for a designer who will not insist that I hosted on their platform. I am based in Toronto.

Many web designers are not web developers, so they will use tools that enable them to build beautiful and responsive websites without having to write code or markup.

Some choose to use WordPress with themes like Divi or Elementor. Others will use a different CMS (content management system) like Squarespace or Webflow which are designer tools.

All of those options do build the HTML, CSS and JavaScript behind the scenes, but that doesn't mean you can't customize or modify it.

If you're interested in having someone build a website using flat files and no database, you can look for a GitHub pages, Grav CMS or Kirby CMS developer. All are are flat-file CMS solutions that don't use a database.

I personally use Duda for most projects, and will use WordPress or another CMS if it suits the project.

Hope this answers your question. Sites are still built using those technologies, but for the sake of time, management and maintenance, a CMS will help.

Answered a year ago

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