I have website and need to load this content from This primary domain change could affect SEO for or will search engine treat it as a standard brand new domain?

Hey! I help companies through SEO migrations like rebranding (moving to a new domain) and changing content location within an existing domain or sub-domain. The short answer is: yes, there will be a drop in rankings at the point of migration, but if everything is done properly, the ranking for pages on the new domain go back to where they were on the old one. The longer answer (with details and estimates) depends on a few things: 1) are you moving the entire domain or just a few pages? 2) how large is the site? 3) how authoritative is your old domain / new domain (age, existing external links)? 4) what's the niche of your site? Etc. Feel free to book a call if you'd like to discuss the details.

Answered 2 years ago

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