I'm looking to buy some new eCommerce brands to add to my portfolio and curious to hear the best websites to search for existing eCommerce business for sale.

It depends how much your e-commerce business is making in net profit

If your e-commerce business is making less then $500/month or $10k / year

I recommend selling your blog at the market such as Flippa as you will have extra customers within the lower fee range.

1. Flippa is a marketplace for getting and selling web businesses, domains, and apps. One of the first organizations inside the space, Flippa stays a dominant marketplace for buyers and sellers of online corporations. In line with Flippa, 5,000 new organizations and domains are listed on the market on Flippa every single day. Flippa has over 800,000 registered members. And every month over $5 million well worth of organizations is sold. Price: 12-percent to fifteen-percentage success charge. See the website for added pricing.

In case your e-commerce business is making greater than $500/month or $10k / 12 months

I recommend partnering up with an expert website broking as they may assist you throughout the sales procedure and assist you to discover a client.

2. Bizbroker24 can help put together a business on the market, negotiate with, probably, lots of prospective customers, and provide a shape to make certain the safe, green sale of a web business. Bizbroker24 focuses on internet companies with transaction valuations between $150,000 and $20 million. It has closed over 550 transactions. Bizbroker24 prices no up-front or hidden fees, and it provides a free valuation.

3. is a low-fee marketplace for selling or shopping for a website. It's miles greater of a do-it-yourself alternative than a full-carrier brokerage. Consumers should do their own due diligence, and sellers must determine their very own pricing, though the website online does have the equipment to assist. People searching for products/services do now not want to check in to browse the listings, however, registering will offer to get right of entry to advanced features. For sellers, pay only the initial list fee. There may be no separate rate while you promote your website (or area call). Price: the trendy list is $9.95. The idealist is $29.95.

One of the advantages of running with a broker than advertising on a marketplace is that agents offer aid and advice on how to maximize the fee of your blog and ensures your blog doesn’t promote for half of its fee due to the fact the auction didn’t pass high sufficient.

4. FE International gives merger-and-acquisitions advisory services for mid-marketplace eCommerce, software program-as-a-carrier, and content businesses. It focuses on business income inside the mid-five to mid-seven-determine variety. Fe worldwide has finished over $75 million in commercial enterprise acquisitions and over 425 enterprise sales because 2010. There is a vetting method for both consumers and sellers. On finishing touch of a deal, FEI prices a purchaser transaction rate of 2.5 percentage, based on the very last sale charge of the business, up to a maximum of $1,000. Contact dealer transaction pricing.
We at FE International are an online commercial enterprise brokerage that has completed over four hundred deals and upwards of $75m in income within the beyond six years. In case you are seeking to promote your online business, we can help you out.

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