Amazon, E-bay, Shopee or my own website? We are selling a turmeric latte spice mix, which people can mix with their milk and drink in the morning as a healthy beverage. This spice mix contains essential spices that help to fight infections and lifestyle diseases. The spices are manufactured and packed in Singapore, and we want to market and sell the turmeric latte spice mix to places where the benefits of spices are not very well known and not commonly used. We are confused in which markets and through what online channels should we sell the spice mix. Instead of using the E-Commerce Marketplaces, we can even build a funnel via clickfunnels, or sell on a shopify website. How should we start, and how should we scale later.

As I see you seem to have got some really good answers. So to add firstly, I would like to vote for Amazon as one of the best channels for selling. Over 40% of the total unit sales on Amazon are generated by 3rd party selection on the site, making it a right choice for those who wish to sell internationally. You can sell in more than 30 product categories, access 11 global marketplaces (with Australia coming soon), and use FBA and FBA Export to take care of shipping and customer service from 109 fulfilment centres.

Followed by eBay, selling internationally on eBay gives buyers the chance to bid on items or purchase them at a fixed price. After setting up a seller account, you can increase visibility by purchasing an international listing upgrade, or you can visit any of eBay’s 26 international sites to post products directly to those marketplaces.

Lastly and most importantly, as a business coach I would like to suggest you to study and delve about a company by the name of 'Pride of India'. They have been selling a product similar to the one you mentioned on under Health and Household category. For their Organic Turmeric Latte Spice mix they seem to have a decent enough review (466 reviews & 4.1 rating ) on Amazon. It would be a good idea to research their marketing strategy before entering the market. It's always good to study your competition beforehand to learn your own USP.

Let me know if you need any additional information or guidance. I would be happy to assist you further over a call. Best of your luck.

Answered 2 years ago

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