Amazon, E-bay, Shopee or my own website? We are selling a turmeric latte spice mix, which people can mix with their milk and drink in the morning as a healthy beverage. This spice mix contains essential spices that help to fight infections and lifestyle diseases. The spices are manufactured and packed in Singapore, and we want to market and sell the turmeric latte spice mix to places where the benefits of spices are not very well known and not commonly used. We are confused in which markets and through what online channels should we sell the spice mix. Instead of using the E-Commerce Marketplaces, we can even build a funnel via clickfunnels, or sell on a shopify website. How should we start, and how should we scale later.

I would recommend a Shopify site. I've created a few already and found the platform to be very user friendly and focussed on e-commerce. Considering you're selling something lightweight, shipping would not be a major issue and rates are easy to calculate in Shopify.

The big thing to consider for your business is whether or not you want to build a customer base or sell products. Selling on marketplaces can be easier to set up but you are building someone else's customer base and in a sense building a house on rented property. Creating your own store gives you control and you build your own customer base that you can contact at any time.

Shopify is very flexible and is fairly easy to set up with lots of tools and support available.

If interested, I can go into greater detail about setting up and managing a store on Shopify. In the meantime, good luck with your business!

Answered 2 years ago

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