Here is the greatest advice for compensating sales persons. Think of a crack addict (kind of a harsh example)...If you were to want the crack addict to continue down that path (obviously I am just making this up because we would want to help the addict) would give him a dose of crack and then provide a challenge to get the next dose...the process of getting and the challenge is the formula we need to replicate with sales persons.

Never pay a sales person a high base salary with a low commission. If one asks for that...please dismiss them. People who are tired of selling ask for those arrangements. Hungry sales persons want to eat what they kill without any upside limitations.

If you take the example of the crack addict...provide them a small dose...(a small base salary) and then feed them the bigger dose (their commission)...this will make sure that you hire the right sales person and keep that sale person addicted to making the sale.

Answered 7 years ago

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