Hello, I currently am selling blenders online. My main market is USA. I have my manufacturing in China with an amazing product design and technology team and a line of technologically improved kitchen appliances under production. Is it even possible to challenge some of the biggest brands such as kitchenaid in the industry while operating only online? If so, then how do i go about it?

1. Organic traffic through great content.
2. Classic (but targeted) paid online marketing - Facebook, Google etc - depending on your target market (this method will be tough/expensive because you're competing against the bigger players who have huge budgets - so it's less advised)
3. Endorsements from social influencers - seeing how you're a new brand, this would be your best option - to get as many social influencers to promote your product. Make sure that their followers are your correct target market. Another advantage of this method is that you can offer them your products as payment which might save you some money.
4. Advertising stunt - try think of an 'out of the box' stunt that you can do that will catch media attention - nothing better than free advertising. You have to be creative though.

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Answered 2 years ago

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