We can't travel but we still need to get things done. Instead of traveling, companies can hire vetted local expertise in their industry of choice to carry out selected tasks for them ie: Inspecting property, goods, Sourcing products, manufacturers, items Registering a business, opening local branches etc. What is your two cents on this on demand business model? Does something similar exist?

Nice idea.
A few similar such services exist - each in their own city/state - but each service is usually for a few specific services (like getting your packages or laundry, selling your property etc) - I don't know of any platform that combines all such services...Fiverr would be the closest perhaps.
the only risk here - or issue that would need to check - is if this service has a need in 'regular' times, when the Corona passes in a few months.
Good luck
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Answered 2 months ago

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