Thanks for answering.. Looking forward to start a blog what will you recommend as hot topic ? i browsed some Hot Niche listed follow. 1.Making money online 2.Beauty and fashion 3. Personal finance 4. Recipe 5. Health and fitness 6.Lifestyle 7. DIY or else your suggestion will be appreciable. Thanks in advance..!!

Popular topics are one. You just need to speak a language that the reader understands and select the right words. If you decide to start a blog, then most likely you plan to work on it for more than one year. So, you should carefully consider what you plan to write about. Will this topic be just as interesting and relevant in a year or several years? Do you want to do it? Will the audience want to read about it? Of course, you cannot foresee the answer for sure. But there is a little trick. As a rule, broader topics “survive”, within the framework of which you can reveal current trends today and in a year.

Answered 5 months ago

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