Thanks for answering.. Looking forward to start a blog what will you recommend as hot topic ? i browsed some Hot Niche listed follow. 1.Making money online 2.Beauty and fashion 3. Personal finance 4. Recipe 5. Health and fitness 6.Lifestyle 7. DIY or else your suggestion will be appreciable. Thanks in advance..!!

I think a better way to think about it would be to choose based on your own skillset. Blogs can succeed or fail in any subject matter, but what sets you apart is the value you provide. Choose a topic that you're most knowledgeable about and that you can provide a unique perspective on.

And, even more important, don't limit yourself to blogging. It's a lot easier to go viral on TikTok right now than it is to go viral with a blog post – so by all means start the blog, but amplify it by repurposing your content for other platforms.

If you write a great blog article on a DIY subject, you can repurpose that into a TikTok instructional video and link back to the blog. That way you're amplifying the reach of both your platforms and doubling your chances of getting traffic.

Answered 6 months ago

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