Hi there, after running a generalist digital marketing agency for some years, I've decided to niche down to email marketing for e-commerce businesses (and retargeting ads). My offer would include setting up / optimizing all the main automation sequences necessary, as well as broadcast campaigns and 3 newsletters per week. I'm planning to target established e-com stores that are already generating a minimum of $10K per month. However, I really don't know what to charge them. I've taken all the courses and so I know all the steps in theory. But I don't have actual experience or numbers to back up my offer. I can only assume that my work will result in about 15-20% extra revenue - but that's just an estimation that could be right or wrong. Any advice?

Your work and offer is actually interesting and quite complicated at the same time. Complicated meaning you are not just to give something to your client but it is a continuous effort to monitor the performance of your service. Also, you will have to continue providing for them per week as you have mentioned.

For me you should charge them pay for work of for every service or work.

*setting up - labor charge
*optimizing - another labor based on how many would be your manpower
*broadcast campaign and newsletter per week - it is a pay for work, you charge them based on the market and the expenses you incurred while doing this project for your client.

Hope this helps!

Joey May

Answered a month ago

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