Hello, I am looking for practical advice and some insights into applying and landing an executive position in Tech as a CTO of VP of Engineering. I have 15+ years of experience in tech and SW engineering. I've built a successful career in tech and was a Lead Engineer a few times. Founded a startup and became CTO of the company for more than 5 years. Build a product from scratch, managed and grew the team up to 10 people. However as you can guess the company has not been quite successful on the sales front yet. For my next phase in life I am looking for different opportunities from a Director of Engineering in large companies to a CTO in startups. Focusing mostly on the NA West Coast (Bay Area, Seattle, e.t.c.). I have about 6 months to prepare and find the best opportunity. I would be happy to hear a piece of solid advice or book a call.

Tip: You'll likely generate far more income, spread across far more clients, working freelance.

I've been working as a Fractional CTO for decades.

If 1x client drops out, there's another 10x on my waiting list.

Or, if I require a cashflow boost, I just take on a few additional clients.

Working for 1x client you're looking at a 6 figure income.

Working for 100x clients, you can easily hit 7+ figures.

Tip: Book calls with Clarity folks you have affinity with (their answers make sense). Provide them details of your experience. Ask them how they'd tool their offerings to produce whatever target income (monthly net) for a given amount of time (hours/week) worked.

Answered 3 years ago

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