I've been working offshore with teams over the last few years and struggling to get/keep people who are skilled, have attention to detail, and test their work well before assessing it as completed. Is this something you have experience of and have strategies to share of how I can overcome this problem?

This is a common problem.
Here are some solutions (some more obvious and some less):
1. Make sure you hire skilled workers. This can be done by using service providers who you reached through recommendations (preferably from people that you know) and if you don't have any other choice: then based on reviews from freelancers websites (anything less than 5 stars usually means there was an issue with that service provider, but don't only check the star ratings, check the verbal reviews people left as well).
2. Structure the compensation in a layered way:
a. small down payment (only if required)
b. payments only after completion of each stage (completion = you've reviewed it and find it satisfactory). Always leave at least 30% for the end - which you only pay after you've reviewed and confirmed that everything is 100%. I even advise leaving another 10% for at least 1-3 months after the project has been completed - this isn't always possible - it depends how big the project is.
c. Bonuses: if each section/the final project was done wit no mistakes (what you called "attention to details") they get a bonus. If there were mistakes, they 'only' get the original payment.
3. Be very specific with what you want in the document that you provide them and ask them to highlight (in green) each item once completed.
4. Test their work on a small project before giving them the big/main one. Preferably something that requires attention to details.
5. Sign a service provider agreement (I can draft this for you) which clearly defines the work done and more importantly, protects your IP (intellectual property).

I can give you some recommendations if I know what type of product/service it is.

Good luck
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Answered 4 years ago

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