I want to start a blog about interiors and home styling (high end) and then have an ecommerce store selling items mentioned in the blog. Later on, I want to have a sort of booking marketplace to book travel design experiences. 1. Is this a viable business idea? 2. Should I position it as a blog, an ecommerce site or travel?

1. It's a nice idea - very similar to Houzz and a few other existing platforms - so you would need to find more of a niche. In order to tell you if it's viable, I/you would need to know how you intend on bringing traffic, what your conversion rate will be (visitor to buyer), how much it costs you to bring each transactions/buyer, how many transactions you'll have per day/month and how much each transaction is worth.
I can help you with all of the above if you need.
2. E-commerce site

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Good luck

Answered a month ago

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