I have an established service/business I have been running for years, and I am considered an expert in my field. I am rebuilding our very old site, which will have many new features and a membership aspect. Unfortunately, my pricing has remained the same over the last several years, and I have always given away more for free than I should have from a business standpoint. I want to make this a viable business model and compensate myself for the time I pour into it. The new site launch brings so much to the table, but it will also cost more to maintain. How do I raise my prices without losing my customers? How do I price our new products without pricing them out? There is no one else who provides this local service.

To charge more you need to convey more value. Let’s be honest, it’s probably very much a concern of yours that you will lose some paying customers. It reminds me of an old consulting joke about a barber. Consultant is getting a haircut and says “you should double your rates” The barber says “double my rates?! I’d lose half my clients!”

Understanding the value you provide and the clients that get the most value from it will help you differentiate yourself from others offering a similar service.

By thinking from your customers point of view you can understand the value that they get from the website and double down on that. You could even survey a portion of your most profitable clients and ask them what’s important to them. Then focus on improving that aspect of the site.

Hope that helps! If you have a strong niche, a strong value proposition and provide more perceived value with your updates then you could probably charge more than you’d think.

Answered a year ago

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