Hi, I'm a Webdesigner. This is my first time I have to deal with advanced SEO. My client trains people in Tai Chi and Qi Gong and sells licenses to trainers she trained. Included in the license is a website (good for me - I'm selling them). Her pagerank is pretty good. So my idea was to use a subdomain for every trainer with an own webpage so the good ranking from the main domain will apply to the subdomain. Will this work or is it better to get a new domain for every trainer?

The domain ranking will not pass to the subdomain. The subdomain is treated like a separate website. This means that if you get ten backlinks to your main site. The subdomain will still have zero backlinks. I would not create a different website either for your trainers. Your new trainers would start with a domain and page rank of zero. I suggest that you add your trainers to the following:

This way, the trainers will be able to get the domain rank of the main website since it is a subfolder.

Answered 9 months ago

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