I am working on 4 ideas with a team of 20 resources all on equity /part-time. We are making progress but we are sloth slow but building product. Any tips for finding angels investors at the pre-seed stage?

Main recommendation is to focus on the top idea. For both your own benefit and for seeking investors. Investors will want an enormous amount of thought and effort used on accomplishing one goal/vision/product and not spread among multiple ideas(scatter shot approach).

While it can be fun to have multiple projects/products(I have done this before) it is normally the limiting factor to success. Velocity and early traction matter a lot as investors have come to view this as an early indication of future success. If resources are limited but passion high just focus all the resources where the passion is highest.

Once focused getting seed investors will be much easier and there are sites to do so like AngelList and Keiretsu Forum. I will add more to my startup resources post here:

Answered 5 months ago

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