It's pretty hard to motivate part time remote staff on Equity. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

When you say 'on equity' do you mean you have an equity pool you're using as motivation? And you're experiencing less motivation in your part time team members than your full time team members?

In my experience (we have a 10% equity pool for the team) it is a small part of the puzzle. When it comes to having an engaged, motivated and effective team for me it has all come down to finding the right fit up front, and then me being the leader and visionary on an ongoing basis. In terms of culture that works well for us I've found full-flexibility (with unlimited leave, as long as their job gets done, I'm happy) and a high level of empowerment, trust and autonomy around their role, to be a bigger motivator than equity or money.

I think the remuneration package (including equity) sweetens the deal for sure, and when structured correctly can be a great contributor to motivation, however it seems to be more of a support piece than the main factor.

Hope that helps!

Answered 10 months ago

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