I'm after my first startup fail and main reason for that was lack of experience, hard idea and due to my age, limitations. Right now my partner wants to create next company, but I've started considering other idea - I'm 16. Cannot I delay my startup for 2 years, for example, and during this period actively learn, gain contacts, do other projects (Currently, I've started one very experiencing) and so on? Also - I'm on a good way to become front&back end developer and I think, mastering it, before getting into startup could be very helpful for my future startups. What do you think? Thanks

Hi There. Great question. Learning through doing is ALWAYS going to be a better option. If you have a business or product concept or idea, go for it! Don’t wait. Experience is going to be a great teacher. Also, you can prepare WHILE you execute your business idea.

Check out Business Model Canvas (from Strategyzer) and get the book. This will let you reach both goals — launch your business while training yourself for it.

Good luck in your efforts!

Answered 3 years ago

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