I'm after my first startup fail and main reason for that was lack of experience, hard idea and due to my age, limitations. Right now my partner wants to create next company, but I've started considering other idea - I'm 16. Cannot I delay my startup for 2 years, for example, and during this period actively learn, gain contacts, do other projects (Currently, I've started one very experiencing) and so on? Also - I'm on a good way to become front&back end developer and I think, mastering it, before getting into startup could be very helpful for my future startups. What do you think? Thanks

Amazing that you're 16 with these ambitions and having already started something. Failure is great - this is how brilliant founders are born- at some point in your entreprenuerial journey no matter who are - you fail. It is a learning. Get a memtor! Someone who has done the thing you are trying to do and is inline with your core values and your business. It's not easy and choose them carefully - make sure you offer them something in return. There is no such thing as preparation in my opinion. There is only execution. In startup you are valued for and rewarded for in your execution. Actually there is preparation and its this: know clearly who you want to serve and know clearly who is already serving this group and how they are doing it. Then know what makes you better/ different/unique and finally know how to package and communicate this out in a story form to the world. That's your preparation. But the truth about business is you don't know what you don't know and you have to do testing and you must research the market you are entering before entering. So you can understand what kind of arena you're getting in and who the key players are. One piece of advice though is to FOCUS. I spent too much of my early career doing too many things. The more you streamline the better. If you're an engineer -then you must know they are in huge demand in the startup world. If you're feeling stuck go do something that grounds you and gets you away from your work for a little bit. For me this is a walk in nature. Anyway good luck and keep going!

Answered a year ago

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