The challenge is that all budgets are locked down and the business owner is unwilling to take money from their marketing budget (or any other budget) to put towards analytics.

Two answers: 1) Ask prospects or customers if they have any idea if their marketing dollars are working, or where their marketing spend is getting the most bang for the buck.

2) If you have case studies from other customers you've helped, use those to show examples where your solution has worked for those customers. "Customer X, saw x% increase in sales directly from digital channels, while spending y% less on an annual basis. All expenses included, their ROI is z% annually.

FWIW, I disagree with the answers telling you to qualify better. Customers who are receptive to adding analytics have probably already done so, and for them, analytics are a commodity where they may seek an incrementally-better solution or incrementally-lower price.

That leaves you with customers who don't understand the value or may be resistant. You will win some, lose some, but those you are able to win over will see huge value from introducing analytics to their marketing (and possibly other areas of their business - operations, customer service, etc.).

I would be glad to take time for a call to discuss this further - please reach out.

About me: I am a business consultant, coach, and project leader working with individuals and businesses - from early stage and mom-and-pop to global firms. I specialize in digital transformation, process, business case development, and project leadership.

Answered 2 years ago

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