Hi Everyone, For high ticket closing business, I bought few tens of thousands of decision makers cold leads list. Soon I realized that they are nothing but a waste of time and money. Calling them out of the blue without ANY kind of sign of their commitment, never being able to actually reach (on the phone call) the wanted person but always someone else, e.g. secretary or usually phone calls rings out, noone picks up. Sometimes voicemail is there, sometimes not. If it is, I sometimes leave my message, sometimes not. Never getting any callback. Sometimes doing the follow up - situation is even worse and so on. I admit I give up on cold calling out of the blue (completely random people, mostly decision makers) and won't continue anymore. Really like the strategy that prospects are buying the way out of the problem and this is how my notes are designed too. No prospect. neither in B2C and particularly not in B2B, is admitting their business problems publicly, particularly not online. Imagine e.g. large technology company publicly complaining and admitting their internal, engineering related, problem they are having e.g. in their design department. Competitors could take large advantage of that. Companies (B2B) and individuals (B2C) simply don't talk about their problems online, e.g. on social media. My outgoing call communication plan is designed to be started with a greeting, inquiry if I could speak with wanted person or asking if he/she is already on the phone with me, saying my name, one sentence perfect quality elevator pitch and then I continue with the words something like: ''I would like to tell you more about how can I do this and save you some of your valuable time and save you a lot of stress and money in the process, it will literally take just a few minutes, would that be ok?'' I want to implement a phone call only based on my findings and awareness that prospect is really having and admitting to have particular problem (e.g. lack of clients). The key in this idea is to block any ''lie'' by the prospect that he/she/they doesn't / don't have problem because I will state, before elevator pitch, my awareness where and when the prospect admitted to have particular problem that can be solved with my offer. Therefore I would like to call only prospects based on clear evidence, admitted by them ( ! ), that particular problem is right now under their business roof. Right now and not before or may be in the future. Right now. The upgrade of this idea is to come to the prospect as a rescuer, saying where and when I found their problem. Annual reports and things like that are also out of question for many reasons, most. Their reports related to earnings calendar or dividends calendar won't help either. Stock price neither. Searching for market share neither. This is NOT what I am looking for. Instead, I would like to learn how and where (and when) to find admitted business problems by the prospects with name of the company, name of the person and contact details (preferably including country code) so I can show them my awareness. How could I find the business problems in real time with clear information who is having them and their contact info? Is there anyone who could please explain me this in a lecture (or booked call)?

I would really need some assistance on my question since above three replies are completely out of the scope of my question. If anyone has any experiences in what exactly I am asking for then kindly let me know so I can book and pay a little (very tiny budget) for the call. Thank you in advance.

Answered 10 months ago

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