Dear Sales/Marketing Experts, I own and am looking for help in creating an effective sales strategy for generating more qualified leads. After 13 years in operation, I have heavily relied on SEO and PPC for lead generation, but now times are changing. Do I need to build a list and cold call, networking events, conventions? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi there,

Having worked in the marketing content creation space before, there are several ways in which you can go about lead generation.

First, you need to define which vertical your company has been historically successful in selling into and determine which methods of outreach you want to experiment with to generate leads.

After determining your target industry, you need to employ a hybrid approach of tailored email marketing, cold calling/emailing, and networking events to generate qualified leads. Having worked in tech sales for 6 years, I can help determine how to tailor your messaging to your target audience.

Happy to go into detail for these 3 different methods of lead generation on a call and provide example emails as needed.

Answered 2 years ago

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