I am launching a Wordpress eCommerce platform in the form of a marketplace to sell courses, appointments and events... what are the security and scalability challenges do I need to look at? Using Wordpress, Buddypress, custom events and courses plugins.. any advice on where I can hire talent?

The number of concurrent scripts that a simple WordPress blog executes can sometimes overwhelm servers. From there, imagine in the case of a busy eCommerce site. This is not saying that none of the plugins can manage this, and we will look at the next post in the series. Specifically, we will be covering some of the best plugins that can address this particular problem. Most of the eCommerce sites using the WordPress platform tend to use other third-party payment methods and merchants to handle the cash transaction, this is much easier, and it will take a lot of paperwork and procedures to be allowed to store customers debit and credit card details on your database.
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Answered 2 years ago

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