I am launching a Wordpress eCommerce platform in the form of a marketplace to sell courses, appointments and events... what are the security and scalability challenges do I need to look at? Using Wordpress, Buddypress, custom events and courses plugins.. any advice on where I can hire talent?

I have personally used Wordpress for numerous projects - both simple and complicated, and in all cases the websites have worked fine and have been easy to manage.
A good place to hire someone to build the website for you at reasonable prices is on Fiverr. Just be sure that you have a very clear specification document (description of the project) and that you clearly define expectations with the programmer.
If it’s a project that costs more than $3,000, and if you’re using someone in the same country as you are located, then I would consider drafting a services agreement.
I can help you with any and all of the above if needed.
Good luck

Answered 2 years ago

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