I've worked on multiple projects and sometimes I struggle to communicate my brand. It's easy to explain what you are if you've been doing that one thing all the time, but what if you have worked in different industries, in different countries, and as a result have expertise in multiple fields? What's your advise?

While you may have diverse experience in different sectors, industries and/or clients - your personal brand can be synthesized so that it captures your zone of genius... the thing you are know for.

In my case, I worked in consumer packaged goods and consumer brands... but when I went on my own in 2013, I thought the same... how can I get into this entrepreneurial space with what I know?

What I found is that strategy is my "zone of genius" and I'm proud to have diverse experience because I bring a breadth of knowledge from Fortune 50 to small business...every business needs strategy.

So now back to you... focus on the "zone of genius" value you bring to the table.. the mindshare you capture in your prospect's mind.

The goal is to be known for one thing... niche down as a matter of strategic advantage so that you can be known as "the one" to go to for that niche.

Create your unique mechanism for delivering that "one thing" and position yourself uniquely in your space.

For more information on your personal brand - feel free to check out my "Personal Positioning" mini-course:

yours for "prolific positioning" greatness, Patty

Answered 3 years ago

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