I have my back up against the wall and at this rate ill be living in my car in 4 months. When tallying up my skills, my strongest skill is Wordpress. Wordpress: I can make a basic nice looking site and then outsource for more complex things....but I really dislike it. Customers always want more for free, so many bugs, stressful. Instagram: I have some experience with Instagram in posting photos on IG would be lots of work but fun work. And I get paid by the hour. If I choose this I can go through some courses and know probably more than 80% of anyone else. Video editing: I have some experience using Adobe premiere pro, a little with doing actual filming. Again I could take a course to be good at is. If you could start a new service, would you choose an IG marketing service or a video editing service to start? PS- I there a way to check how well companies in these fields are doing?

Why not offer all three as services? All are so helpful and appeal to a wide audience. Is there a reason you are narrowing it down to one of those options? You should always be learning anyway, so I love your drive to learn more when a project comes in, but create your own projects in order to expand your own portfolio. And if you're good at all three of these things, DO all of these things. Customer need all of those services. You could create bundles or packages and see how that works out. Good luck!

Answered 2 years ago

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