Our challenge is that small local businesses such as restaurants, salons and fitness clubs tend to have small marketing budgets and might not fully be aware of the value influencer marketing brings to them, and as far as scaling they are more challenging since they operate single or few locations.

Great tips already! In short, when your offer gets them to think, "I'd have to be nuts to not do this!", you've got an offer. If you're thinking, "but I'd go broke", but you already are, nothing to lose.

Agreed too, stay away from the education game. Marketing means differentiation among competition, otherwise you're educating on why they'd want to buy at all... equals broke. Apple was in the education game, dying, until IBM entered the market, Apple celebrated the 1st competitor: Competition makes you grow!

What's your USP? Start there. Read this article, it's pretty good because I've contributed to it. ;)

Answered 2 years ago

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