I have designed and developed a user and subscriber based messenger application that i am launching in the next 2 months. I have added analytics for subscribers to extract basic information to analyse. The reason for not developing a sophisticated analytics function is that the subscriber base is so large and diverse that i want to develop a one for all fit. My intention is to add general improvements to the analytics as subscribers requests are made. Is this a good strategy. My worry is if the analytics are so basic, it might not attract subscribers to subscribe. I am looking for advice from anyone who is experienced in this field.

How do you know that your assumption is correct? (i.e.,The size and diversity of the subscriber base dictates the features)

In general, a great strategy is to pick some white space in your market, target a core customer and figure out what key attributes they value and then nail them over time.

What you are doing sounds more like guessing and you want validation from an ignorant group. We have no idea what the nuances of your business are, what your most profitable customers want and value, how well you execute, if you have the right team, etc. That is, we are more in the dark than you are as to if what you are suggesting is the optimal approach.

Here is a good book to read to give you a proven process to craft and execute a killer strategy. The Metronome Effect.

Also, here is a blog post I wrote on how to leverage your existing customers to see what they value so you can focus on the few things that matter to your company and your customers.

If you want to go into a little more depth on this, feel free to give me a call and I will ask you a ton of questions to see where you are.


Answered 4 months ago

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