I have designed and developed a user and subscriber based messenger application that i am launching in the next 2 months. I have added analytics for subscribers to extract basic information to analyse. The reason for not developing a sophisticated analytics function is that the subscriber base is so large and diverse that i want to develop a one for all fit. My intention is to add general improvements to the analytics as subscribers requests are made. Is this a good strategy. My worry is if the analytics are so basic, it might not attract subscribers to subscribe. I am looking for advice from anyone who is experienced in this field.

I think it makes total sense. If you provide some standard dashboards with number of messages over time and similar, you can get everybody started. And it will give you a platform to interact with the subscribers. In my view, that is the cheapest and most low-risk way of developing it - to work with your customers. No way to know now, whether high level of sophistication is needed.

Consider doing your interaction as a blog, a support community or something similar to formalise the interaction. That would push yourself forward as well, and put a face on your service.

If you are cloudbased, you can do frequent launches of small changes in the analytics, and talk about them in your community. Also, consider looking into the thoughts of Design Thinking, which would give you different tools for teasing out the thoughts in your community.

Good luck with your subscription platform!

Answered 2 years ago

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