Helpful for sales -- 1) Value prop: translations made by dually-educated lawyers (as me) remove the pain/need of extensive reviews and bad surprises, and IN THE END prove less costly. 2) Sales plan: contact practicing attorneys alumni of same school as us; send valuable gifts with a charity angle; hiring top students who will be practicing at top firms to create a loop (i.e. future clients); advertise the pedigree of each translator working on a project. 3) Basic SWOT analysis : (a) Strength: we can source lawyer-linguists better than competitors due to deep knowledge of legal educations worldwide; (b) Weakness: No ability to conduct large projects with high quality from now. (c) Opportunity: Increased global need for translations. (d) Threats: Recession pushes price down; lots of mediocre/cheap services out there and hard for clients to identify quality/difference.

I've targeted the legal niche with great success through a combination of outbound sales and Facebook marketing.

Why don't we chat about Facebook as that was where my greatest ROI was?

Answered 8 years ago

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