We are a software development company with only 8 employees but all of us are seniors in different fields. We have developed 2 products from scratch for a big international company with over 35k employee (6-12 months developments). One of them is an app which is mandatory to use for all of the 35k employees. We passed all request from integration with Active Directory, SAP, GDPR, Russian legislation, Penetration tests and a lot of paperwork which are highly demanded if you are working with an international company.

Hello! Firstly you need to decide whether you're targeting larger or smaller corporations. Approaches will need to differ because the larger the organisation, the more formal the process and the more gatekeepers to go through.

I've noticed you mentioned Russian legislation - I successfully sold in the CEE market before and can share my expertise of both selling into CEE and the wider EU. I'm now in a position where I pick vendors and approve engagements so you'll get a 360 degree perspective on that.

One thing to mention is that retail tactics won't work with most corporates. This is true the bigger your target client is. The main angle to play is specialism and delivery efficiency - happy to expand on both.

Answered a year ago

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